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Malcolm Schmidt  Malcolm is a qualified Bachelor of Accounting and  he has obtained Diplomas in both Insolvency Law  and Business Rescue. He became a professional Liquidator and Insolvency Practitioner in 1986 and is well known for having an exceptional grasp and knowledge of Insolvency law and it’s procedures. He also has vast experience in ancillary avenues, such as financial assessment and restructuring of  companies. Malcolm also lectures at a number of financial institutions and at credit seminars. click to send email Tracy Hill Tracy began a career in the Liquidation profession in 1992. Initially she assisted Liquidators with their administration of Estates, and after approximately 4 years she was formally admitted as a Liquidator in early1997. Her qualifications include a Diploma in Insolvency Law and Corporate Law. Tracy also serves on the regional councils of SARIPA (South African Restructuring & Insolvency  Practitioners Association) focusing primarily on education. click to send email


In the early 1990's, the Master of the Supreme Court (as it was then called) issued a directive regarding independence and impartiality of Insolvency Practitioners. Prior thereto, Malcolm Schmidt had been a professional Insolvency Practitioner (since 1986) and he spent many years working in the Insolvency divisions of various large accounting firms. As a direct result of potential ‘conflicts of interest’ arising out of the extensive client base of accounting firms, Malcolm elected to set up an independent practice in 1992. The impartiality requirements of the Master in his directive is the fundamental principle followed by us at Resolution Trust Company (Pty) Limited.


Our Insolvency Practitioners (appointed to the Panel of the Master of the High Court) offer a combined experience that spans across some 25 years in the profession. Between them there is an excellent mix of legal and accounting experience and qualifications. We have assembled a team of personnel, which we believe, provides a professional and efficient service. Having essentially a hand-picked team, it is felt that we can offer a combination of skills and experience  that distinguishes us from other firms.
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